Aid agency

An aid agency is an organization dedicated to distributing aid . Many professional aid organizations exist, both within government (eg AusAID , USAID , DFID , EuropeAid , ECHO ), between governments and non-governmental organizations (eg UNDP ) and non-governmental organizations (eg ActionAid , Ducere Foundation , Oxfam , World Vision ). The International Committee of the Red Crossis the world’s oldest humanitarian organization and is unique in being mandated by international treaty to uphold the Geneva Conventions .

Aid can be subdivided into two categories: humanitarian aid (emergency relief efforts, eg in response to natural disasters), and development aid (or foreign aid ), aimed at helping countries to achieve long-term sustainable economic growth, with the aim of achieving poverty reduction . Some of the other types of aid (eg EcoCARE Pacific Trust and ADRA ), while others are specialized (eg Red Cross, humanitarian aid, War on Want , development aid).

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