Alliance of International Doctors

Alliance of International Doctors (AID, Uluslararası Doktorlar Derneği in Turkish ) is an organization established by a group of volunteer doctors, pharmacists, dentists, and nurses in Istanbul in 2011. AID provides medical assistance to the people affected by disasters and poverty . The president of the organization is Dr. Mevlit Yurtseven.

Scope of Activities

Emergency Medical Relief

AID delivers medicine and hygiene items and deploys medical teams to the regions affected by natural disasters, war and violence. AID medical teams provided primary care for the 2015 earthquake victims in Nepal . AID Worked in The Philippines Following Typhoon Haiyan as well as in the camps for internally displaced persons in Arakan , Myanmar in 2013. [1] AID feels a surgical team to Gaza During the attack in 2012. [2] AID has-been Conducting health screenings , hygiene kit distribution and vaccinations for Syrians affected by the Syrian Civil War. AID provided primary health care to the Syrian refugees from Kobane following the influx in September 2014. [3]

Permanent and Preventive Health Services

AID Provided primary health care to Somali Refugees in Kenya ‘s Dadaab Refugee Camp entre August 2011 and July 2012. [4] AID volontaires Implemented mosquito net distribution projects in Kenya and Uganda for prevention malaria , and Established a mother-and-child health center in Uganda. [5] AIDs carried out in the Balkan countries, Tunisia , and Bangladesh for orphans and underprivileged children.

AID collaborates with IHH , the Islamic Development Bank , Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency , and Niger Ministry of Health for a cataract project in Niamey , Niger . An ophthalmology department has been established at Lamorde Hospital of Abdou Moumouni Universityfor the project, which targets to perform 30,000 free-of-charge cataract surgeries in five years and to transfer skills to the local staff. AID is responsible for the human resources and for the supply of medical equipment and consumables. AID will collaborate with other organizations working on prevention of blindness during the project. The department will be handed over to the Niger authorities in 2019.

Health Education

AID is providing health education services in different regions. [6] [7] [8]

Psychological Rehabilitation

AID conducts psychological support to the victims of natural disasters and their families and their families, and to reduce the negative impact of these experiences. [9] AID is providing psychosocial support to Syrian refugee women and children in Istanbul including psychothreapies since 2014. [10]


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