The Art of Living International Center

The Art of Living International Center, also known as “Bangalore Ashram”, is the spiritual-cultural headquarters of the Art of Living Foundation . [1] The 70 acre campus is located at the top of the Panchagiri Hills, 21 km southwest of Bangalore . [2] It has an abundance of foliage, water bodies and structures. [3]

Introduction about the Center

The Center Was Established in 1986 [4] by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to offer a basis for His Art of Living Foundation, as well as a spiritual solace Provide for all people. It draws 1.2 million visitors annually from across the world for its yoga and meditation programs.The lifestyle is with a daily routine of group meditation, chanting, knowledge sessions, pujas and satsangs. [5] Ayurveda treatments can also be a part of numerous opportunities.

The Center features several meditation halls, Ayurveda hospital, Gurukul, and goshala [6] among others. It is also the focus of many rural development and education projects, alternative energy utilization and organic farming initiatives. [7]

The Center teaches a variety of yoga and breathing techniques, especially Sudarshan Kriya . It is the pivot of the majority of Art of Living Courses [8] which is conducted by instructors, most of whom are volunteers. [9] These races have been conducted for students and faculty, [9] government officials, [10] firemen, [8] former militants, [11] and prisoners.


Vishalakshi Mantap

Vishalakshi mantap [12] is a meditation hall consisting of five thirds with designs of lotus petals surrounding it. Symbols of all major religions of the world are depicted inside the hall.

Ayurveda hospital

Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital is a 172 bedded multi-specialty Ayurveda Hospital covering over 1 lakh sq ft area. It offers more than 100 Ayurveda treatments and super specialty clinics in each branch of Ayurveda . Treatments Range from traditional Panchakarma to modern cancer [13] and diabetes treatment. [14] [15]

State-of-the-art residential facilities are available at the hospital for medical tourism.

Sri Sri Gurukul

Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala, also known as Sri Sri Gurukul is spread over 7 acres. It has two divisions, Agama and Veda.

The Agama Pathshala aims to preserve the age-old rituals of temple worship as they were laid down in the ancient scriptures – the Agama. How to conduct pujas, abhishekas and other rituals. The students learn the Dravidian Style of Vedic chanting.The course syllabus also includes Veda study, Agama, Sanskrit language, Astrology, Yoga, Music, Sculpture, Epics and Shaivic scriptures from the Dravidian tradition. Computer and general knowledge is also taught to keep the students updated. [16]

Students 11 to 14 years old learn the authentic way of singing and performance of pujas. Duration of study is 7 years + 1 year of internship. The Patashala is also a learning center for Sanskrit, Jyothisham, Saiva Siddhantha, Sangeetham, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Thirumarai, and Shilpa Sasthra. [17]


The Goshala was set up in 2006 with the aim of preserving pure breeds, and houses over 500 indigenous peoples of the Ongol from Andhra Pradesh, Kangayan from Tamil Nadu, the Gir from Gujarat and the Sahiwal from Punjab. [18]

The cows and bulls are fed with a fresh and dry fodder, gram husk, and mineral supplements. Mahamrityunjaya homes were performed for their well-being. These are milked twice a day, the products of which are distributed in the Center.

The cow dung [19] is used to produce biogas for the body’s energy needs and the other products are used in Ayurvedic medicine that is well-renowned across the world.The goshala also provides a model for reviving and promoting organic, zero budget farming.

Annapoorna Kitchen

Opened in October 2004, the kitchen has three floors. [20] Solar panels fuel the preparation of nearly 40,000 meals each day and the concentrated heat of all these panels create 2800 kg of steam in a single day. [21]

The food is cooked in the kitchen by briquettes (a type of fuel that is made from a mixture of sawdust, groundnut and coffee shells). [22]

Radha Kunj

Radha Kunj is a garden overlooking a lake. [23] Surrounded by greenary, there is a lily pond and a mantap. There is an earthy pathway along the garden to facilitate easy walking. [21]

Sri Sri Panchakarma

The Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma Center has been built in the traditional Kerala style. [24]

Panchakarma (five steps) is a natural cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body and the mind. Pregnancy treatment, treatment, and other treatments Ayurvedic treatments. [25]

‘Nadi Pariksha’ (pulse diagnosis), one of the main methods of diagnosis in Ayurveda . ‘Nadi’ refers to subtle life-force energy (called ‘prana’) and ‘Pariksha’ means ‘diagnosis’. [26]

Sumeru Mantap

Sumeru Mantap is an open-air auditorium at the geographically highest location in the ashram. There is a middle open space where a marble bench and a Banyan tree can be seen. With white marble flooring and pink pillars, the mantap stands on a hilltop.

There are 12 pairs of pillars, representing the 12 zodiac signs around the mantle, decorated with ornamental lotus flowers .. The pillars have been designed so that the first rays of the sun the ceiling above it.




According to Hinduism, the Mother Divine is the source of all energy. Due to this attribute, it is also referred to as Shakti, which literally translates to power or energy. Hence, Navratri (Nine Nights) is a celebration to thank and worship the Devi for our very existence. [28]

The nine nights of Navratri offer a chance to go back to the Divine Mother (or source) to rest and rejuvenate. Resting here implies the absence of physical and mental activity. While meditation and fasting help calm the mind and reduce mental chatter, silence enhances the rejuvenation by turning attention inwards. Silence not only purifies speech, but also develops skills. [29]

Various advanced meditation programs are offered during Navratri where participants go through 5, 7 or 10 days of silence and meditation processes. It is followed by a series of great pujas and homas in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, with each day having a special significance. A large number of people from all over the world gather at this event at the Center. [30]


Shivratri means ‘The Night of Shiva’ and is observed in honor of Lord Shiva (The Meditative Aspect of the Universe). According to the Shivapurana, the 14th night of the new moon during the month of June, is Shiva’s most favorite day. Hence, it is on this day that the consciousness, and the will get down to the material world, bringing deep rest to the mind and spirit. [31]

It is very much celebrated at the Center with Rudrabhishekam ie singing of the ancient Vedic mantras accompanied by a ceremony of Shiva Linga with milk, curd, honey, rose water, etc. This ancient tradition is said to bring purity, positive energy in the environment, and improve the well-being of the whole world. Thousands (exact figures) gather to witness this event and participate in the intense meditation afterwards led by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. [32]

Legal issues

A public interest litigation (PIL) in the high court was filed that the Art of Living International Center had been constructed on a large scale in Kaggalipura in Bangalore South. The petitioner shall be reminded that the Supreme Court has held that it is restricted to use for other purposes. [33]

Revenue authorities had taken possession of land in an art of living school near Bengaluru. The Ravishankar Vidyamandira school in Kachamaranahalli and one Krishna Reddy in Puram KR in Bangalore Urban district had been encroached upon two acres of government land. The Karnataka High Court permitted a survey of the land which was carried out on October 20, 2015. [34]

A Mumbai-based techie who had visited the Art of Living as Bangalore near Bangalore for the Navratri festival, [35] and was found safe three days later. No information regarding his disappearance has been made public. [36]


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