Baan Unrak

Baan Unrak village is a non-profit organization in Sangkhla Buri , Kanchanaburi Province , Thailand . It incorporates the Baan Unrak Children’s home, Primary School , and community development projects such as a weaving center where single mothers make handicrafts and earn a fair wage.

Baan Unrak Children’s Home

The children’s home was founded in 1991 as a home for orphans and destitute children. It is currently home to over 140 children, as well as several single mothers. Baan Unrak are refugees from Myanmar (or Burma) which borders the district.

The children are taught to a vegetarian lifestyle and practice meditation and yoga regularly. Besides receiving an education, they are engaged in various holistic activities such as gardening, art, music and dance.

Baan Unrak Primary School

The primary school was opened in 2005 and is a fully accredited school in Thailand . Thai government schools. Many of the children are immigrants from Burma , and many are many years old. The school specializes in offering holistic education, teaching through stories, plays, traditional dance and various activities.

Women’s Weaving Center

Baan Unrak offers support services to single mothers who are struggling to provide for their children. Mothers are able to stay at the children’s home with their children and work in the weaving center where they earn a wage and can save for the future. The handicrafts are one of the three Baan Unrak clothing stores located in Sangkhlaburi.

Community Relief

Teenagers living at the children’s home in the village of Sangkhlaburi region. For men and women, the teenagers rebuild their roof-tops before the rainy season .

Animal Rescue Center

Run by Ashford Gemma, Ashton, United Kingdom, The Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary *, was established in the Sangkhlaburi area. The Worldwide Veterinary Service, The Humane Society and Lush Cosmetics.


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