Be aware and share

Be aware and share is a Swiss relief organization founded in 2015 in the context of the European migrant crisis , and a documentary film released in 2016.

The relief organization

The charity work Be aware and share portrayed in the film (see below) Was founded in Basel in 2015 by social worker Bastian Seelhofer and colleagues. The operational area of ​​the relief agency is currently Switzerland and Greece .

When the refugee crisis intensifies in the summer of 2015, Seelhofer’s team decided to transport relief supplies to the Hungarian-Croatian border . In addition, there were some deployments for stranded refugees on the Greek island of Chios , a few kilometers from the Turkish Aegean coast . There the team of Be aware and share settled down, Seelhofer resigned his position to a youth worker in Switzerland and committed himself henceforth to the humanitarian project. [1]

In May 2016, Be aware and share a school in Chios . The NGO called for the UNESCO Education Initiative Can not Wait . Through donations collected in Switzerland and through voluntary work, she offers many children and young people a structured school day with at least two lessons per day. The teachers, mainly refugees themselves, teaches Arabic and mathematics, among other things. [2] The charity works with other organizations and is financially supported by major relief organizations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council . [3]

The film

The Swiss-Iranian filmmaker Omid Taslimi , together with Lasse Linder , shot a documentary film about the march of the day. Be aware and share to the Croatian-Hungarian border at Botovo (Drnje) in October 2015. The film shows how the project came about: The collection of clothes at the beginning, the surprise of the Swiss population, the founding of the association, a charity concert with Collie Herb , La Neferaand other regional musicians. It is reported about the logistical problems and how to work in Croatia; It is shown how the Swiss helpers finally find the Croatian allies, and together with them, at the border station of Botovo , give refugees who get off the train and cross the border to Hungary , food and clothes. [5]

Apart from situation recordings, the film includes several short interviews with team members, other participants (for example, members of the Bernese aid organization Cibera ) and ORF correspond Christian Wehrschütz . In general, Taslimi focused the film strongly on the motivation of the activists. [6] The film was shown in various Swiss movie theaters .

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