Beautiful Store

Beautiful Store ( Korean : 아름다운 가게 ) is a Korean nonprofit organization and charity shop . It was launched in 2002, following the model of the Oxfam shop , and now operates across 100 stores across Korea. The volunteer-run store collects donations of old or worn-out items like books, bags, kitchenware and appliances, and sells them to raise money for charity.

Beautiful Store aussi helps small businesses in Developing Countries by Their importing products for fair prices, so That They Can accomplish achieve financial self-reliance using the profit generated in this process.


Beautiful Store collects donated items to raise money for charity. The material for recycling is given to the social improvement movement clarification needed ] . From the beginning, Beautiful Store has donated donations which are used, such as clothing, books, bags, shoes, kitchenware and appliances. Beautiful Store Volunteers Repair the items when they are distributed to other stores. [1]

Beautiful Store Operates in flea markets to Promote the Culture of recycling, donation, and sharing. [2] Instead of charging fees for the shop, Beautiful Store collects part of the sales profits as donation .

Beautiful Store helps small businesses by importing their products for fair prices . [3]


In October 2002, Beautiful Store became a nonprofit organization operating independently of a subsidiary of Beautiful Foundation and opened the first branch. [4] [5] The following year on January 18, the Samseongyo store opened at Hansung Univ Station, the only remaining volunteer for the secretary (manager) of the operation. The following year a brown bamboo pencil case donated by President Roh, before becoming president, was auctioned and raised 100 million won. Roh and his wife also donated pottery to the store. [6]

On April 18, 2003 the Dongnimmun branch was opened, the third branch of the Beautiful Store. [7] The Ttukseom flea market , which is held by Seoul Metropolitan Government and run by the Great Store, was opened on March 27, 2004; can do so, with the donation of an item from said individual’s home. [8] On June 9, 2008, it became an independent non-profit corporation, Foundation Beautiful Store. quote needed ]


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