Care Highway

Care Highway is a humanitarian aid organization that aims to cause disasters caused by man or nature.


The foundation of Care Highway began a number of years ago, when a young teacher / youth worker named Christopher Morrison spent six weeks at a youth center, which worked with refugees and asylum seekers. This is one of the most important areas in the world.

After finishing college, he worked with humanitarian aid projects in United Kingdom , Bosnia , Croatia , Serbia , Albania , India and Sweden . These projects include health projects, emergency food supply and medicine; educational projects, starting schools and day care centers; and repatriation projects, helping people home to their families. In Sarajevo , he evaluated a medical center and started a missing children project. While working on a large scale with people from many different circumstances in Yugoslavia , the idea

This idea of ​​dealing with people in an individual humanitarian way has become the foundation of the Care Highway humanitarian organization. In 1999 the Care Highway was launched in the memory of Mr. Morrison’s brother Sean, who was himself a humanitarian worker in Albania .

In its short history, Care Highway has been established with a number of different non-governmental organizations , and because of its “work with all” policy, it has been able to achieve a high degree of success. Care Highway will continue to grow thanks to the confidence and generosity of the peoples of the world.

Aims and ideals

Care Highway’s ideas are based on human rights. Everyone has the right to freedom and security. There is no difference in individual value. We respect and promote human equality .

Care Highway is an independent organization that works with human rights issues, political factions, ideologies, economic interests, or religious creeds.

Aims of Care Highway :

  • The transport of aid to conflict and disaster areas
  • The development of networks with the aid work community
  • The development of projects in and around conflict areas
  • The promotion of equality by means of education
  • The promotion of human rights
  • The establishment of an emergency aid fund
  • The establishment of a fund that supports a better quality for human life
  • The support of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and charitable organizations

Current projects

  • Project Africa : In Africa today are fighting to save lives. More than ever there is a need for doctors to have access to research data from hospitals and universities around the world. In Africa, Project Africa was started. It is a new incentive designed to help doctors in Africa to have access to medical data. The idea is to supply doctors with the Internet ready computer and printers. At the moment, a number of computer companies are being approached in the search for assistance. Project Africa is designed to supply doctors in Africa with the tools to fight illnesses. With hope, Care Highway will be able to help them help themselves.
  • Care Highway’s Sick Child Project has been identified by Bosnian children in need of hospitalization. Recently, Care Highway together with Reningsborg delivered Care Packages to a Bosnian village called Goražde . Goražde, situated on the sides of the Republic of Serbia , was one of the worst hit villages during the Bosnian War . Within the village were a number of situations requiring attention.
  • Family-to-Family is an annual project run by many others run by Care Highway. It is designed to bring hope to people in Bosnia and welcome back to their country. Over a million people had to leave their homes for an uncertain future. Many have returned home on their way. For the majority, they will find nothing left of their homes. During the conflict many people died. Some have disappeared and left their loved ones unsure of what befell them. What these people did not care about. The only question is: How can they be helped?
  • The Health Care Project is bringing much-needed medicine, equipment, and doctors to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to Donations from the Gothenburg Hospital and Transportation by Reningsborg, Care for the needs of hospitals, supplies, and equipment.
  • In 2002, Daycare International was opened in a warm, inviting place for children to learn and play together and for mothers to rest and visit. Schools in the US and Sweden helped make this possible by donating materials and hand-made pictures to decorate. Donations of toys and learning materials are always welcome!

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