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Care and Relief Foundation ( Urdu : کئیر اینڈ ریلیف فاؤنڈیشن ) or CRF , is an independent, non-profit organization , founded in 2012 by Allama Syed Zafar Ullah Shah. The primary aim of the Care and Relief Foundation is to enable those deprived of their basic rights of life. The Care and Relief Foundation firmly believes in helping them to meet their basic needs. This non-profit organization is Taking effective steps in Pakistan and abroad to Provide Food , clean water, medical facilities , [1] solar powerand rehabilitation and social inclusion . [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Care and Relief Foundation’s humanitarian activities started when Syed Zafar Ullah Shah permanently moved to Britain from Pakistan . He has been working with UK Based Charity Islamic Help for long time. In 2012, he has formally established the non-profit organization with the name of Care and Relief Foundation. [7] [8]


The Care and Relief Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose main objectives are as follows:

  • Water Project ( Water for All)
  • Food Project ( Food for All)
  • Light for All
  • Mosque Construction
  • Emergency Services
  • orphanage
  • Shadi Project

Water Project

The major, conspicuous project of Care & Relief Foundation, which is designated as such, is of the nature of the welfare state, and which can be recognized as their life style, and flourishing their environment with the fundamental facilitation, so, the habitats of these desolated and deprived rural localities be thankful of their lives. [9] [10] [11]

Dug Well

Care & Relief Foundation, Sabeel-e-Hussaini, Tharparkar under the attribution of project. The Care & Relief Foundation has completed the first stages of the project, in several regions of the world. [9] [10] [12]

Hand Pump

Hand pumps , are one of convenient ways to be supplied instantaneously with water . People of Tharparkar district are used for their shorts of chores of daily life. Care and Relief Foundation, has been concerned with this, as next to priority after wells . Care and Relief Foundation has many regions, where it is better then, for their use at maximum indices. [10]

RO Plant

The Plants in Tharparkar , Umerkot, and Pind Dadan Khan . [10]

Food Project

The project has been designed with the intention of providing economic services to rural areas, with necessary means, so that, by stabilizing the income generating abilities of individuals, families & communities. [10] [13] [14]

Light for All

Tharparkar , has another thing added for its misfortune, and is one of the most important of all, it is considered to be the most influential and effective factor in the development of civilizational, and their economic financial phase. Care & Relief Foundation, has started a project with the name “Enlightenment Initiative”. Here the forms of brightening the darkness of their lives, rendered by harsh conditions, and the later portion of the scope of the first place. [15]

Enlightenment Initiative has been carried out by the solar cells. Recently, there are few families with these solar panels. Project materials are included as simple, but essential appliances, such as single fan, pair of fluorescence light savers. [10]

Mosque Construction

Care and Relief Foundation has taken initiative to construct Masjids in the area of Tharparkar . The Mosques are mainly built on the ground of the previous one and will continue to be looked after by the communities they serve with the support of Care and Relief Foundation. Care and Relief Foundation build Masajid to educate the Muslim children, to aware the Muslims about religion and Islamic practices, to socialize the village, for the religious celebrations in village . [10] [16]

Emergency Services

Care and Relief Foundation provides emergency relief in natural disasters by supplying food , water , camps and free medical camps. [17] [18]


Care and Relief Foundation sponsors hundreds of orphans in Tharparkar , Pakistan . Care and Relief Foundation provides shelter, food , education (both Islamic and Scientific ) clothing and medical care . [10]

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