Child United

Child United is an international relief organization with a focus on education. The volunteer-led humanitarian group also provides disaster relief assistance to countries in desperate need. Their main mission is to empower the poorest children in the developing world, believing that they will lead their family, their family and their community out of poverty.

History and organization

Child United began in Seattle on May 1, 2007. While in the Philippines in 2006, Seattle resident Christine Umayam was struck by the poverty she witnessed. After another trip the following year, she left her corporate job and founded the organization. [1]

In 2009, the organization expanded its focus after Typhoon Ketsana struck Asia. “When we found out that there was so much devastation in the Philippines,” said Umayam, “we just had to change our focus and put it out there for relief.” [2] The Congressional Medal of Honor FoundationSelected Child in the United States of America in the United States of America. Although it has not been awarded, the Foundation says that it is a child who is susceptible to sex trafficking and child labor, by sponsoring children who wants to learn, and by learning learning centers. ” [3]

Disaster relief services

Child United both funds and provides direct relief services to developing countries, since Typhoon Ketsana .

The group is standby Went to Provide Relief to disaster families left homeless by Typhoon Megi (2010) before it made landfall in the Philippines. Their relief operation began October 18 in the Philippines, with supplies already in-country being prepared for immediate delivery to the disaster site, and additional supplies prepared for shipment from the United States. [4] They received donations of towels, sheets, toiletries (shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) and canned goods. [5]

The group raised funds for the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake , hosting a benefit and sending the funds to Haiti for disaster relief. [6]

Education services

Child United funds and / or operates several programs to promote education in third world countries. [7] The organization partners with schools and orphanages in Asia, sending supplies and clothing to supporting the educational and physical needs of poor children, [8] arranges sponsorship of children in Asia, and fund the building of learning centers overseas. [7]


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