Christian Liebig Foundation

The German Christian Liebig Foundation builds schools in Africa and supports educational programs. It is named after Christian Liebig , a journalist of the German newspaper Focus , who died in a missile attack outside Baghdad in 2003.

About the foundation

Christian Liebig died on April 7, 2003 in a missile attack outside Baghdad. The Focus Reporter was one of the 600 embedded journalists reporting on the war of the US Army. He was the only German journalist to lose his life working in Iraq. His parents, partner, friends, and colleagues all wanted to do something to make some sense of death and hope, so they founded the Christian Liebig Foundation on August 21, 2003.


In the southeastern African nations of Malawi and Mozambique , the Christian Liebig Foundation builds homes for children in need. It also builds, manages and supports schools, in collaboration with other associations, foundations and initiatives.


Since its foundation in 2003, the Christian Liebig Foundation has operated in Malawi, building primary and secondary schools, and supporting educational projects. At the Christian Liebig Secondary School, about 240 children are taught every year. Nineteen primary schools have been built or rebuilt. In Mozambique since 2007, the Christian Liebig Foundation has sponsored three villages, the so-called Millennium Village Mabote.

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