Christian Mission Service

Christian Mission Service (CMS) is the English name of the Christlicher Missionsdienst (CMD), a non-denominational protestant child-care charitable organization.


The CMD was founded in Germany in 1957 by Emil Richter after he became aware of the plight of orphan children in India through a visiting Indian pastor. Initially funds were sent directly to people caring for orphan children in India. The first Children’s Home was set up in Gunadala in Andhra Pradesh . Early work focussed on Tamil Nadu State.

Areas of Operation

Its work is still largely based in Southern India . It currently operates for around 10,000 [1] orphan and destitute children and young people in Children’s Homes, Day Care Centers, and Training Centers in India , the Philippines , Indonesia and Bangladesh. Individual children are sponsored by a fostership scheme, with foster parents in Germany and Switzerland . For the support of its donors, CMD is a holder of a ‘Spendenprüfzertifikat’ issued by the ‘Deutschen Evangelischen Allianz’. [2] This is a donor quality assurance certificate which is periodically reviewed.

CMD also partakes in other child-related charitable activities in Kenya and Israel .

Recently, CMS has also been involved in disaster relief and home rebuilding especially after the 2004 Tsunami .


The Indian operations are hosted by the Central Office in Silverdale , Coonoor . The country operations are further divided into six geographic areas, with Area Managers responsible for the Children’s Homes in these areas.

Current Executive Management

  • President: Heinz Steinhäußer
  • Vice President: vacant
  • Treasurer: Willi Föll
  • Office Manager: Markus Romeis
  • Executive Director: Dinah U. Macaranas
  • Alumni President: Jefferson Gadiano (2008-2010)
  • Alumni President: Ace A. Guzman (2010-2012)
  • Alumni President: Rosalyn M. Remoto (2012-2014)
  • Alumni President: Jobert Achay (2014-Present)


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  2. Jump up^ Erteilte Spendenprüfzertifikate

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