CulinaryCorps is an American non-profit organization that recreates culinary students and professionals to volunteer their professional skills on trips to communities in the United States .


The organization was founded by Christine Carroll following a volunteer trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina . [1] [2] Carroll and other culinary professionals Experienced Were helping to repaint a local school When She Conceived the idea of a food-focused volunteer organization. Visiting home she launched CulinaryCorps to enable cooks to volunteer their professional skills to assist communities in need.

Carroll coined the term ” culanthropy ” (a portmanteau of the words ” culinary ” and ” philanthropy “) to describe the organization’s brand of food-focused volunteerism. [1] [3]


The organization recruits culinary students and professionals in the culinary industry to volunteer on week-long trips to communities in the United States . The objective of CulinaryCorps is to make a lasting impact on the community, while simultaneously inspiring its volunteers to become lifelong champions of positive social change through food and cooking. CulinaryCorps members volunteered on trips to New Orleans , Louisiana ; the Mississippi Gulf Coast ; and Puerto Rico . [1] [4] [5]


In its first sixteen months, the organization launched five volunteer trips from across the United States. [3] Since then, the organization has launched additional trips to New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Puerto Rico. [5] Each volunteer trip lasts a week.

During each volunteer trip, the organization’s team partners with a variety of local organizations to perform food-related projects for the local community’s benefit. [6] [7] [8] [9] For example, in New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast regions, CulinaryCorps has partnered with many local and nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Habitat for Humanity , where CulinaryCorps chefs cooked for hundreds of residents Habitat volunteers rebuilding homes following Hurricane Katrina;
  • The Edible Schoolyard at the Samuel J. Green Charter School in New Orleans, where CulinaryCorps volunteers instructed students on food, cooking, and nutrition;
  • Café Reconcile in New Orleans, where CulinaryCorps volunteers cooked and served meals mentoring with culinary students;
  • Gulf Coast Real Food , which, together with CulinaryCorps, designed and launched after-school cooking club curriculum for children in the Ocean Springs, Mississippi School District; and
  • Liberty’s Kitchen , a culinary training and job placement program for at-risk teens in New Orleans, where CulinaryCorps volunteers cooked for the opening gala celebration.


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