Edlumino Education Aid is a not for profit charity working to Improve Education for Disadvantaged and displaced children around the world. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the UK Charity Commission as of 1166131 [1] Edlumino is based in Cambridge [2] and the date of registration was 18 March 2016. [3]

Work in France

Edlumino worked in the Jungle during the Autumn of 2015, providing education to the Syrian and Kurdish children living there. Teachers worked out of community huts in the camp and taught in the open air when there were too many pupils. [4]

In addition, Edlumino set up a makeshift school in the Basoch refugee camp [5] where they taught 300 children. Many UK schools donated resources [6] and many UK teachers volunteered to work with Edlumino. [7] Whilst based in Basch refugee camp, Edlumino was taught in the open and worked out of a series of tents, re-engaging children who had been out of school for several years, [8] working in an extremely challenging humanitarian situation. [9]

After the closure of Basler camp Edlumino moved to the camp of La Liniere refugee camp . In this camp Edlumino continues to provide education to several hundred Kurdish children. [10] As part of their work with children Edlumino has raised concerns about the numbers of children going missing. [11]

Edlumino finished working in France after a transition to the refugee camp from France to the French education system. [12]

Work in Greece

In Greece Edlumino in the Faneromeni refugee camp at Eleousa near Ioannina in the Epirus region of central Greece . The population in that camp was mainly Yazidi [13]

Edlumino also offers training and support to other educational programs in the Thessaloniki region of Northern Greece.

Work in the UK

In the Autumn of 2016 Edlumino was one of the UK’s charities which worked in unaccompanied minors during the Calais Jungle . [14]

Edlumino carries out work in the UK visiting schools and talking to pupils around the world. [15] </ ref> Edlumino also works with UK teachers to offer training, support and opportunities for teachers to refresh their education and mission. [16]

In addition Edlumino works with teenage children in the UK, providing advice and support to ensure that they get the education that they need. [17]

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