Education for Peace in Iran Center (EPIC)

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC) is a charitable organization founded in 1998 and located in Washington, DC . Its objective is to “make Iraq safe and prosperous again.” [1]


Trade and Economic Sanctions Against Iraq and the Saddam Hussein Diet in the mid-1990s, and a critical shortage of food across the country. [2] [3] Iraqis who sought to convince Hussein to comply with the rule of law. [4]

In that context, EPIC was founded in 1998 by veterans of the Gulf War . Early organizers created a grassroots movement to share the Concerns of everyday Iraqis living under sanctions with Members of Congress, thought leaders and the American public. [5] Leading up to the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq , EPIC urged the American public to support a peaceful approach and to prevent war against the use of e-mail the invasion of college campuses and the front of civic organizations. In the aftermath of the invasion, including the years of sectarian violence and occupation of the so-called territoryIslamic State , EPIC’s mission shifted to include humanitarian work on-the-ground. [5]

Current programs

EPIC currently operating in the following categories, according to its website: [6]

Enhance understanding

  • Blog – EPIC ‘s Blog includes written analyzes of urgent socio – political issues facing the country, such as anti – corruption reform, infrastructure development, and access to healthcare.
  • Iraq Matters podcast – The Iraq Matters podcast with Iraqis, humanitarian experts, academics, and government officials. Episodes are released at least quarterly and are available on the organization’s website.
  • Iraq Speakers ‘Bureau – The Speakers’ Bureau helps those who have a close connection to Iraq to share their knowledge and experience with the American public, helping to correct misconceptions about Iraq and the needs of refugees. Iraq thought leaders are connected to local speaking engagements where they live Iraq’s story.

Monitor the crisis

  • Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor – The weekly e-mail publication and Blog post is available to policymakers, scholars, aid workers, journalists, and anyone interested in the analysis of humanitarian, political, and security developments in Iraq. The publication uses firsthand accounts and Arabic and Kurdish-language news outlets as its source material.

Provide relief

  • Emergency Response – The organization provides funding for ISIS activists, including Mosul .
  • Soccer Salam – EPIC leads a consortium of non-profits who deliver humanitarian relief in the form of food, water filtration, medicine, and other essentials to dislocated families in Iraq under the banner of “Soccer Salam.” The program includes donations of soccer balls and equipment.

Board of directors

As of June 2017, the Education for Peace in Iraq Center’s Board of Directors is composed of the following officers: [7]

  • Soren Sudhof, President
  • Marion Abboud, Secretary
  • Hussein al-Baya, Treasurer
  • Yasmeen Alamiri
  • Zach Brooks-Miller
  • Peter Kjeldgaard
  • David Slater
  • Bilal Wahab

See also

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