Emergency Infant Services

Emergency Infant Services (EIS) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based Nonprofit organization SPECIFICALLY Focused on meeting the basic human needs of infants and children under five years old.


EIS is a Tulsa charity That Provides emergency Support for families That are in crisis or emergency situations with children aged less than six years of age due to incidents Including unemployment or under-employment, illness or injury, spousal and / or child abandonment , and home losses of natural disasters such as tornadoes , floods or fires.

Eighty-five percent of those who use EIS ‘services are the working poor , people struggling to make ends meet and sometimes require a hand up. [2]

To provide immediate access for parents, EIS does not require salary, income qualification, or complex paperwork to be filled out.

Immediate and free services are provided for diapers & pull-ups, infant formulas , children’s & maternity clothing, medications, hygiene items, linens, cribs and child safety seats . EIS also functions as a Tulsa food pantry for baby foods and toddler foods.

EIS assisted with the creation of infant crisis services in Oklahoma City , Ft. Worth, Texas and Houston, Texas . The Tulsa rental assists over 1000 infants and toddlers each month. [3]

Emergency Infant Services provided more than 225,000 diapers, 250,000 pounds of food and 139,000 pounds of formula to area families during 2011. [4]

Over 900 volunteers in Tulsa EIS support. In 2011, EIS provided food, clothing, medical assistance, furniture, and social services to over 8,235 families with 13,723 infant children. [5] [6]

Fundraising consists of an endowment from the Tulsa Community Foundation , and fundraisers including “$ 35,000 in 35 days”. [7] [8]


Oklahoma non-profit Excellence Awards

Emergency Infant Services is a 2012 finalist for the Oklahoma non-profit Excellence Awards, sponsored by the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits , a nonprofit organization equipping and strengthening the Oklahoma nonprofit sector through training, consulting, advocacy, membership, networking and awards. [9]

Champion of Children’s Health

Emergency Infant Services was a 2011 Finalist for Champion of Children’s Health , sponsored by the Champions of Health Organization , a program that celebrates people and organizations that are making a positive impact on the health of Oklahoma citizens through innovative programs. [10]

In 2012, Emergency Infant Services won the Champion of Children’s Health award. [11]


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