GlassFrog International Aid Organization

GlassFrog International Aid Organization , referred to simply as “GlassFrog”, is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada. [1]



GlassFrog was created in December 2010 by Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Nicole Verkindt . [2] Verkindt launched the venture out of frustration after working with NGOs in post-earthquake Haiti. She describes her experience as slowed by bureaucracy and cronyism. [3]


GlassFrog’s mission is to promote transparency and accountability for results in the international aid process. [4] The organization hosts an online forum where “GlassFrog Bloggers” share information, news and reviews on topics related to aid and relief efforts. The forum is also used to source wikisolutions ( crowd-sourced solutions) to global issues. [5] Funds raised by the organization are used to implement the crowd-sourced solutions created by their users. [6]


GlassFrog works in cooperation with Ultimate Haiti, [7] owned by James Boulos. GlassFrog is also affiliated with Verkindt’s manufacturing company, GMA . [8]


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