Helping Angels

Helping Angels is a global Facebook group to recruit volunteers to do welfare work by Poesy Liangon August 30, 2007 – a day before Malaysia’s 50th Year Independence Day. It is a movement of compassion based on random acts of kindness. Activities are created by volunteers who offer leadership in their own locality. All activities are funded privately and the group does not handle any form of public donation or collection of any material goods. The objectives of the group are to motivate their career to use their wisdom, influence, skills and time resources to help others. The group seeks to promote the donation of time and efforts. Activities cover the welfare of the underprivileged, education, homeless, old aged, pet rescue and rehoming, and life-coaching.


Through angel work, volunteers will work on their steepened learning growth. Angel members are encouraged to identify opportunities to help others by exercising their professional creativity. While activities are being carried out, the subtle objective is to recognize the joy that can be derived from the act of selflessness. In this way the movement is also in the society of goodness into the society, where people can start to generate positivity in their daily affairs – habituating generosity and compassion, with the study and application of wisdom.

To date, projects has sprouted in Kuala Lumpur , Taipei , Hong Kong , Dharamshala , Bali , Singapore , Los Angeles , San Francisco , Dakar , Touba , London , Paris , Hamburg , Bangkok and Cannes .

Bald Empathy Movement

Bald Empathy Movement is an art project by the Helping Angels movement of compassion, here the message lies in raising empathy for health and wholesome living. Poesy shaved her head at the 64th Cannes Film Festival on the morning of May 16, 2011 to bring awareness to the following 5 objectives:

1. To make bald fashionable and cool, as an empathy movement for those suffering from loss of dignity to premature hair-loss, and hair-loss due to chronic illnesses such as cancer .

2. To advocate wholesome lifestyles. Living well – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Encourage healthy attitude, diet, exercise, lifestyle and free of destructive or negative habits – by getting a deeper understanding of wholesome wellness vs. chronic illnesses.

3. To raise awareness towards survivors and patients suffering from ill health. Learning awareness so we do not cause further stress to those who are battling health issues. eg; Do not bring germs or viruses (no matter how minor) to visit someone who is already fighting for their life. Do not take chances with other lives. Appreciate that ignorance can lead to life. Do not impose secondhand smoke onto non-smokers.

4. Know that we can give our hair to cancer patients by getting the wigs made and giving a gesture of love and respect. Do not just give away the loose hair – make the wig before giving. Good wigs are expensive things. Here is an opportunity for you to give away something not just great, but good and your heart. Lighten the financial load for others. This point is an awareness for generosity.

5. No hair, no shampoo, less water. Be mindful towards the environment.

A collection of international photographers and film makers are part of the crew to viral movement on the internet to gain worldwide attention. Since the conception of this movement, many have followed suit in their head for the cause. The list includes green activist Matthias Gelber, Poesy’s mother Dr. Chuang, her father KK Leong, singer Elvira Arul, paralympian newscaster Ras Adiba, and more.

Thursday tutoring program

The longest standing weekly project in Kuala Lumpur . The program has been active since September 27, 2007 covering Precious Children ‘s Home , Trinity Children Center and Precious Youth Center. Every Thursday evenings, 3 groups of Kuala Lumpur members will volunteer and spend time coaching underprivileged children of these welfare homes.

Hong Kong Gratitude Letters Project

January 16, 2010 Helping Angels collaborated with Xuan Yuan Education Fund in Hong Kong , where Helping Angels members correspond in handwritten letters with the underprivileged children from 130 donated schools in rural China . The event was supported by the University of Hong Kong and hosted on campus.

Concert Series Projects

Classical and jazz concerts by volunteering musician members were held in Taipei at an orphanage and San Francisco for a blind association.

Bangkok Blankets

A collaboration with Cambridge Society to send 700 blankets to the underprivileged folks in the northern part of Thailand that was struck with an unusually cold winter in 2008.

Random Acts of Kindness

Past activities were in Senegal where they were given to children in the streets of Touba , Dakar . A project is currently being developed for London .

Poesy’s World

A private online magazine where the memberships are by invitation only. Here Poesy Liang reported daily in 1999. In 2005, the author closed the site.


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