Institute for International Peace and Armed Conflict

The Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) at Ruhr University Bochum (Germany) is one of the leading research institutes on humanitarian law and humanitarian studies in Europe.

It was founded in 1988 on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Knut Ipsen, then rector of Ruhr University Bochum, The IFHV’s research is highly interdisciplinary with a focus on international humanitarian studies from a legal and social-scientific perspective.

The Institute also provides high-level academic and professional training for the next generation of personnel in the area of ​​humanitarian action. The IFHV’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Joint Practice in International Humanitarian Action, part of the European University Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA).

Since 2014, the Institute is headed by Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielbörger, M.PP. ( Harvard ). Its staff consists of about 25 employees (including student research assistants) and about 10 PhD students.

Current professors involved in the Institute’s work are:

  • Teacher. Dr. Dennis Dijkzeul (IFHV)
  • Teacher. Dr. Horst Fischer (IFHV)
  • Teacher. Dr. Hans-Joachim Heintze (IFHV)
  • Teacher. Dr. Pierre Thielbörger, M.PP. (Harvard) (IFHV & Faculty of Law , Managing Director)
  • Teacher. Dr. Markus Kaltenborn (Faculty of Law)
  • Teacher. Dr. Adelheid Puttler, LL.M. ( Chicago ) (Faculty of Law)
  • Teacher. Dr. Ludger Pries (Faculty of Social Science )
  • Teacher. Dr. Stefan Wohnlich (Faculty of Geosciences )
  • Teacher. Dr. Michael Wilhelm (Faculty of Medicine )


The Institute’s research program is based on four pillars: [1]

  1. Extensive research projects, often leading to major academic publications
  2. Research seminars, conferences and summer schools
  3. Postdoctoral research
  4. Doctoral research

Some significant currents and train research areas include

  • questions of international and non-international armed conflicts
  • the right to water in relation to armed conflicts
  • climate change and humanitarian action
  • questions of minority rights and self-determination
  • problems of humanitarian operations Conducted By international organizations

NOHA Master

The European University Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA) is an international association of universities that aims to enhance professionalism in the humanitarian sector. Its flagship Joint Master’s Program in International Humanitarian Action was created in 1993. [2] Its European partner universities are: [3]

  • Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)
  • University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Aix-Marseille University (France)
  • Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)
  • University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • University of Pavia (Italy)
  • Vilnius University (Lithuania)
  • University of Malta (Malta)
  • University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
  • University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • University of Deusto (Spain)
  • Uppsala University (Sweden)

The NOHA Master has been awarded the status of an Erasmus Mundus Program, providing EU-funded scholarships for outstanding third-country nationals. It is important for students and scholars to become part of a global framework for cooperation between the following universities: [4]

  • Monash University (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Bangalore University (India)
  • Gadjah Mada University (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
  • Saint Joseph University (Beirut, Lebanon)
  • University of Western Cape (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Columbia University (New York, United States)

The NOHA Master at the IFHV enjoys broad support from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the German Red Cross in particular, the European Union , the European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) in Venice as well Many have other affiliated non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) and inter-Governmental organizations (IGOs) and the ‘wider international humanitarian community.


The Institute maintains a significant range of different issues in the field of international law .

Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict (JILPAC)

The Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict is the leading German journal for international humanitarian law research , human rights and peacekeeping law. It is published quarterly by the Institute in cooperation with the German Red Cross. [5]

Bochumer Faxe (‘Bofaxe’)

Bofaxe deal with the international humanitarian law. Bofaxe is an instrument to provide a comparative analysis of matters of international concern. [6] They are an opportunity for acclaimed experts on the subject of the world.

IFHV Working Papers

Since 2010, the IFHV and the Ruhr University Bochum regularly released the IFHV Working Papers . [7] It offers researchers the opportunity to bring their professional work to a wider audience.

External links

  • Institute for International Peace and Armed Conflict
  • European University Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA)


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