JCorps is an international social volunteer network of Jewish young adults, aged 18 to 30. [1] It was active in New York City , Washington, DC , Los Angeles , Denver , Boulder , Montreal , Jerusalem , Tel Aviv , Beer Sheva , Kiev , Russia , London and Toronto . It is a non-denominational, independent organization.

JCorps was named the first “Social Volunteer Network” in the world. [2] It volunteers in groups of 20, so that volunteers can, as is JCorps’s motto, “Make Friends, and Make a Difference.”

JCorps has had volunteers from over 180 colleges and universities, over 500 companies, and over 20 countries.

Volunteers are notified about events via email , Facebook and Twitter, and will sign up at the JCorps website, to attend any event.


JCorps’ mission is to enable young Jewish adults to connect while making a difference through volunteering. It provides a low-pressure, high-activity environment where people can get to know each other while working on a shared task.

Volunteers feed the hungry in soup kitchens , entertain the elderly in senior centers, play with children in hospitals, and clean and improve the landscapes of city parks, among other activities and mega events.


JCorps International, Inc. was founded in December, 2006 [3] in New York City by comedian Ari Teman . It started with a website and Facebook group and quickly grew to thousands of members.

In May 2008, JCorps began operations in Montreal, [4] and in July 2008 it opened in Jerusalem and Toronto. JCorps held its first event in Washington DC in September, 2009. [5]

On August 7, 2008, The New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg , was invited to Gracie Mansion for a barbecue. [Reference Needed]

Except for four months in 2010, JC Corps has been fully volunteer-run. On April 12, 2010, JCorps hired its first staff, a COO, to support the volunteer Leaders Division and Team Leaders around the world. Returned to being volunteer-run four months later.


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