JDC Welfare Organization

Jafaria Disaster Management Cell (JDC) a Welfare and Non-Governmental Organization ( NGO ), known as JDC Welfare Org [1] [2] was established in 2009 by some students of Karachi. Its volunteers made up of irrespective members of their beliefs and political or social background. [3] Ustad Sibte Jaafar Zaidi was one of the founding and active members of JDC. [4] Pakistan’s rehabilitation and medical emergency services by JDC mainly cover Sindh Province and some other areas of Pakistan with its policy that it is a victim of any disaster.

It operates an ambulance set-up in Karachi and helps in emergency and relief efforts after disasters. [5] In a year, besides its volunteers, departmental head [6] [7] and president at least two JDC- Ambulance drivers [8] [9] [10] have lost their lives in targeted killing. In 2014 JDC provided medical assistance to mourners on Ashura by organizing a medical camp at Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society [11]

JDC as an NGO

Saylani , Al-Khidmat , KKF , Edhi and Chhipa are among some well-known NGOs working in Pakistan, which the majority of donors like to make a charity contribution. While slighter in reputation, there are some other substantial organizations, like JDC (NGO) working on pure humanitarian grounds. . [12] Though, its working potential mainly covers Karachi and other cities of Sindh, however, JDC attempts to connect with all people in any corner of Pakistan, in a large number of Jafaria Disaster Management Cell and Karachi based civil society of Pakistan in solidarity affected families of the Lahore Youhanabad church bomb blasts, with a manifesto to educate the society that the blood of the people of all parties and religions is equally priceless without any discrimination. [13]

Heat-wave in Karachi

Dead bodies which can not be spaced in other hospitals / cold-storage houses for hygienic storage due to emergency situation of ongoing heat-wave hitting the Karachi severely since first week of Ramadan -2015, JDC has established a temporary Cold Storage at Numaish Chowrangi along MA Jinnah Road , Karachi in which about 200 dead bodies of victims of 2015 Pakistani heat wave can be kept until arrangements for burial are made. Karachi has been facing the scarcity of severe cases of death. Karachi’s graveyards and funeral in time. [14] [15]

Wall of Kindness : The idea of ​​charity work viral through social media and people of different countries eg India, China, Turkey etc. followed the method of helping people at different places. In Pakistan JDC in 2016 has introduced the concept of “Diwar-e-Mehrbani” (Wall of Kindness) and “Bazaar-e-Mehrbani” (Market of Kindness) which was held at Expo Center Karachi. Under the wall of newness and usable cloths are worn on the wall. [16] [17]

It has donated 20 metal detectors and jammers to Karachi University and provided for six months for the safety of students, teaching and non-teaching staff and other visitors [18] [19]

Religious celebration

Associated Press of Pakistan deferrals world record was made at Numaish Chowrangi, Karachi by 12,800 Oil Lamps lighting one occasion of Jashn-e-Eid-i-Milad-un-Nabi . [20]


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