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Just Like My Child Foundation (JLMC) is a San Diego-based 501 (c) 3 organization that works with women and children in rural Uganda and Senegal, with the goal of creating healthy, self-sustaining families. Its holistic system encompasses health care, education, women ‘s rights, and economic development in the developing world. The foundation subscribes to a philosophy called deep development focusing on one local area.

Vivian Glyck founded Just Like My Child Foundation in 2006.


The Just Like My Child Foundation is an organization that employs an outreach approach, using a strategy of alliances with existing and widely available organizations and wide reach populations. To ensure sustainable change, the foundation works directly with leaders in the community to strengthen leadership capacity and motivate citizens towards self-reliance and empowerment that will sustain the community.

Just Like My Child Foundation Deep Development , focusing on a specific local area or a cluster of rural villages, the lack of infrastructure, women and girls empowerment, and lack of economic development. With the goal of encouraging microenterprise and education to further assisting rural communities in the community and addressing issues of justice and women and children empowerment.

Since 2006, Bishop Caesar Asili Memorial Health Center in Central Uganda serves 48 villages and 600,000 people, specifically in the rural, three-district region of Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola. Just Like My Child has funded six schools in Central Ugandan districts, such as Luwero and Nakaseke.


Vivian Glyck founded the Just Like My Child Foundation in July 2006 after a trip to Africa in May 2006 where she puts Sister Ernestine Akulu. [1] Upon arrival home she wanted to help the women and children of East Africa. Glyck asked Sister Ernestine of the Asili Hospital in Luwero, Uganda how she could help. Sister Ernestine asked for a generator for the hospital and a CD-4 count analyzer machine. Since late 2006, Raised Glyck $ 30,000 to acquire a generator for the Asili Hospital, which has ensured the probes of continuous consumption, refrigeration for medicine, and stability for patients. Asili Hospital thus HIV + patients, especially pregnant mothers and childrenanti retroviral treatment . Just Like My Child, Kikoirro Nyangoma Rachel, one of the best boarding schools in Uganda. [2]

In October 2009, JLMC’s first school, The Children’s Academy for the Collective Heart opened with support from Debbie Ford’s Collective Heart Foundation, Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation, and the Mark Victor Hansen Foundation and serves nearly 400 children.


JLMC supports a wide range of international development solutions through the following six programs:

  • Project “Keep A Mother Alive” – A project that has provided at risk mothers and newborns with pre-natal care and education, community outreach, malaria prevention, infection control, and emergency obstetric intervention which includes C-sections, ultrasound diagnosis, infrastructure for blood supply and AIDS treatment as a medical staff.
  • Project “Universal Education” – A co-investment model that partners with the entire community creating public and private schools and raising funds for educational tools and staff. To date, JLMC has funded six primary schools.
  • Project GRACE – A microenterprise program that provides a small loan (poultry or livestock) with intensive training to healthy, self-motivated individuals with HIV. Participants support and work with others to be tested for HIV at their local hospital, Bishop Asili.
  • The Mandela Project – A program named after Nelson Mandela and sponsored by JLMC’s Professional Development Fund. The program sponsors the continuing education of doctors, nurses, and professionals as well as primary and secondary school children who show true leadership. Just Like My Child Foundation Donors and sponsors. Recipients agree to share their knowledge with their community.
  • Project Justice – A comprehensive human rights education program conducted in partnership with the Federation of Women Attorneys (IFAD ). Community members are empowered with knowledge of their rights.
  • The “Girl Power” Project – A grass roots program for young Ugandan girls, which includes empowerment training, how to fight sexual violence, and how to report perpetrators safely and without retribution.


  • The Clinton Foundation
  • Google
  • The Chopra Center
  • The Unstoppable Foundation
  • The Collective Heart Foundation
  • The Mark Victor Hansen Foundation
  • The Anthony Robbins Companies
  • John Assaraf
  • Debbie Ford


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