Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia

Licensed Agencies for Relief in Asia ( LARA ) was created in April 1946 by eleven volunteer relief organizations, it was the Asian equivalent to CRALOG in Europe.

The purpose of the organization Was to coordinate efforts in occupied Japan and-have a single point of contact with the military autorités ( SCAP ) qui refused to deal with the member organisms, Such As the Catholic Church was one-to-one basis.

LARA was operational 1946-1952 and feels large amounts of food and clothing to Japan, by December 1949 more than 10 million tons had been sent.

LARA was initially limited to non-official relief organization in Japan, although beginning in late 1947 CARE Packages (US Army Ten-in-One Rations) from CARE were also distributed. In 1949 UNICEF began distributing milk to Japanese schoolchildren.

The member organizations

  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Church of the Brethren
  • Church World Service
  • Lutheran World Relief
  • Mennonite Central Committee

Roughly 20% of the donated by Nikkei and Japanese nationals.

See also

  • EROA (Economic Rehabilitation in Occupied Areas)

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