Lwini Foundation

The Lwini Foundation is an aid organization in Angola . Founded by first lady of Angola Ana Paula dos Santos (wife of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos ) as the Lwini Fund on 30 June 1998, it caters to civilian victims of land mines and other disabilities . [1] The foundation’s activities include rehabilitation of schools, construction of training centers, and repairing rural villages. In 2010, the name was changed to the current Lwini Foundation. [2]


Objectives include: [3]

  • The promotion of advocacy and awareness actions for the disabled victims, their families and families of others impacted during and after conflicts.
  • And the provision of medical services and the provision of medical services.
  • Establishment of employment access through livelihood support and capacity building.
  • Government commitment on policies and plans
  • Joint sensitization and awareness on the prevention of land mines.
  • Livelihood sensitization through group discussions on the importance of agriculture and economic livelihood emphasizing on effective sustenance.
  • Developing initiatives that would provide rural community loans for women and widows, sustainable livelihood etc.
  • Partnership with various organizations to tackle various sectors such as; food, shelter, healthcare, livelihood, etc.


As of April 2017, the Lwini Foundation is headed by President Ana Paula dos Santos and Vice President Joana Lina Ramos Baptista. [4]


“Lwini” means a woman and a princess in the Luvale language (east of Angola), who gives the wave of the wind, while reflecting the various daytime sunshades. [5]

The Lwini logo represents protection: a woman protecting her child against existing mines in Chanas, the community of adults protecting the young ones in the community, and the community protecting its members. [6]


Some of Lwini Foundation activities in recent years:

  • Delivering wheelchairs to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities [7]
  • Commissioning a center for visually impaired students Faculty of Agostinho Law Neto University in Luanda [8]
  • The presentation of the Palanca Parade Project, Gala of the Lwini Foundation [9]


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