Massoud Foundation

The Massoud Foundation (founded as the Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation ; Dari Persian : بنیاد شهید احمد شاه مسعود ) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization operating in Afghanistan . It was established in Kabul in 2003 to preserve and spread the values, leadership, and ideals of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud , the Lion of the Panjshir,who was a founding father of the resistance against the Soviet invasion in the 1980s and then against Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the 1990s until he was assassinated by Al-Qaeda just before 9/11. [1]

In Afghanistan, the Massoud Foundation has been involved in humanitarian and cultural efforts to improve the living standards of Afghans, libraries and build schools, libraries, and computer labs. The Foundation funds Mandegar Daily , an independent newspaper in Afghanistan [2] that advocates for democracy, anti-terrorism, and the elimination of government corruption and inefficiency. The Foundation has held numerous seminars and conferences in Kabul and London on anti-terrorism, democracy, education, and other political issues that the Afghan government is facing. [3]

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