Mercy-USA for Aid and Development , is a humanitarian-aid organization in Plymouth, Michigan . They are registered under 501 (c) (3) as a non-profit charity organization [1] According to their website, Mercy-USA is “dedicated to alleviating human suffering and supporting their communities in their efforts to become more self-reliant. “Incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1988, Mercy-USA’s projects focus on improving health, nutrition and access to safe water, as well as promoting economic and educational growth around the world. [2] Mercy-USA has developed projects in many countries including Kenya , Albania , Lebanon ,Syria and Somalia . [3]



Mercy-USA has been involved training orphaned in English and computer skills. They also established a “Read to Succeed” program for school-age children and teens. [3]

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In addition to providing vocational training for orphans, at-risk teens, and young adults, Mercy-USA has established the Agriculture Education Center to assist farmers and local communities with sustainable farming methods in Bosnia and Herzegovina . [3]

The Gaza Strip

Mercy-USA provides daily meals for young adults in Gaza. [3]


Mercy-USA provides seasonal food aid to India . [3]


In Indonesia , Mercy-USA has been active in providing sustainable farming methods. In addition, they assist farmers in forming cooperatives. As in Albania, they also offer English and computer skills training for orphans. [3]


Mercy-USA provides nutritional support and health services for mothers and children in Kenya. In addition, they created a water and sanitation / hygiene program at 24 elementary and pre-schools to prevent infectious diseases. [3] This work was in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID / OFDA). [4] : 3


Mercy-USA has been very active in the Syrian Refugee crisis offering Syrian refugee assistance in Wadi Khalid, Lebanon, providing immunization, pre-and post-natal checks and regular medical exams. In addition they offer the distribution and the baby diapers to the recent Palestine Refugees from Syria in Beddawi Refugee Camp . Palestinian Refugee Camps. Beddawi and Nahr-Al-Bared Palestinian Refugee Camps. [3]


To date, Mercy-USA HAS Provided over 300 new or rehabilitated wells for access to clean drinking water Throughout Somalia as well as supporting nutritional and health services for mothers and children.Since 1994 They Have beens supplier providing tuberculosis treatment and prevention, and now-have opened a total of six centers. The centers also provide HIV / AIDS and STI testing, treatment and counseling. [3] [5]


Mercy-USA provides monthly food in Aleppo, Syria . They have a mother and child health clinic providing prenatal, postnatal, and birthing services in addition to pediatric healthcare for newborns, infants and children. Winter season aid, winter winter blanket for over 1,000 households, is provided each winter. Seasonal hygiene is offered to beneficiary families. [3]


Mercy-USA states that 5% of their funds go to fundraising and management. For 2014, nearly 97% of their total costs were spent on programs and services, as reflected in a four-star rating by Charity Navigator. This is the sixth year they have received the four star rating. [6] In 2014, 51% of their resources were dedicated to food, shelter, and orphan assistance. Forty-three percent of donations have been allocated to health, 4% to education, and 2% to economic vitalization. [7]


  • President and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Umar al-Qadi
  • Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Anas Alhaidar [8]


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