Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands – United for the Needy is an international NGO working in disasters, conflict and poverty. The organization was established in 1993 in Nottingham , UK . It has been criticized for its membership in organizations that have been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood but they have approved that they have no link with The Muslim Brotherhood. quote needed ]


According to the website, it was the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which marked the formation of Muslim Hands. [1]

Muslim Hands work

Muslim Hands has three main points of focus: development work, which tries to lift communities out of poverty with long-term sustainable solutions based on their needs; humanitarian work, assisting those affected by conflict and natural disaster, and more recently; community welfare and development and developing local community based projects in the UK.


In 2008, the Israeli government banned Muslim Hands, along with 35 other organizations for working as “… part of Hamas’s fundraising network”. [2]

Working in emergencies

They regularly act on behalf of other countries where they have an existing field office or volunteers. [3]

They have been present on the ground for publicized disasters such as the Asian tsunami of 2004, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the recent Horn of Africa . They-have beens aussi for this crisis-have never That Attracted Attention media Such As the sub-zero winters in Kashmir , cholera outbreaks in Guinea-Bissau and acute Droughts in Somalia , Mali and Niger . quote needed ]

Their method of working in emergency situations is to help provide immediate relief, early recovery and long term rehabilitation work. [4]


Muslim Hands works in over 50 of the world’s poorest countries, and has fundraising offices in London and Hyson Green , Nottingham in the UK, and also in France and South Africa.

Awards and nominations

In January 2013, Muslim Hands was nominated for the Charity of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards . [5]


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