National Christian Foundation

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) is a US non-profit organization that provides support for their favorite charitable causes. [4] NCF is a leader in accepting non-cash assets (for example stocks , real estate , and business interests ), and is the nation’s largest provider of donor-advised funds primarily in the Christian world . [2] [4] In 2015, NCF was ranked as the largest non-profit organization in the United States and distributed its seven billionth dollar grant. [1] [5]


In 1982, Evangelical Christian author and entrepreneur Larry Burkett , financial advisor Ron Blue, and tax attorney Terry Parker founded the National Christian Foundation to help simplify the process of giving, and help people become more charitable. [6] [2] [7]

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia , [8] NCF has been adding affiliate offices throughout the United States in 2000. By 2015, NCF reported having 28 affiliates in Dallas , Orlando , Chicago , and Seattle . [9] These local offices are community-based and act as liaisons to the national organization.

In 2016, NCF distributed its seven billionth largest dollar to over 40,000 charities since its founding. [5] This achievement is the largest non-profit in the United States. [1]


NCF’s primary operation, the Giving Fund (donor advised fund), works like a charitable savings account . [4] Via an online dashboard, donate various assets to the fund, receive a tax deduction at the time of the gift, and recommend to their favorite charities. NCF accepts non-cash gifts such as stocks, real estate, and business interests. They also offer other giving options, such as Charitable Gift Annuities and the NCF Legacy Fund. Recently, NCF released the ability to monitor information on mobile devices. Through these platforms, donations can be made by the publisher, and can be done by reading and writing. [9]


All charitable contributions are donated to NCF, helping maximum charitable gifts.

NCF spends a small portion of gifts and earnings to fund the support activities to be able to make. [6] NCF calculates a percentage of the donor’s balance sheet (typically 1% or less each year), and, in the case of non-cash assets, a percentage of gift value (typically 5%, one time). [10]


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