Nghia-Sinh International

Nghia-Sinh International is a humanitarian organization founded in June 1963 in Saigon to provide emergency assistance to the elderly and the poor who arrived in Saigon as refugees from the countryside of Vietnam .

Nghia-Sinh has also provided food, clothes, shelter, and medicine to war victims since 1966. Between 1968 and 1975, Nghia-Sinh established the Nghia-Viet High School for the Poor; Hung-Vuong Social Service Center for homeless children; Tran-Binh-Trong Shelter for displaced persons; and Chanh-Hung Human Care Program for juvenile delinquents . Nghia-Sinh served thousands of people for 12 years in Vietnam. The Prime Minister of Vietnam, Minister of Education, Minister of Labor, and Minister of Social Services, presented Nghia-Sinh Four National Medals of Honor.

After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Nghia-Sinh began a new life in Chicago as a sponsor and reception agency ( VOLAG ) for Vietnamese and other Indochinese refugees. From 1975 to 1987, Nghia-Sinh resettled over 1,000 such refugees in Illinois. On some occasions this resettlement was done by unpaid volunteers. At other times Nghia-Sinh had subcontracts from the US State Department / AFCR. These funds have been used on a regular basis, and have been used on a regular basis. This resettlement work involved airport pickups; food and housing for the first 30 days; escort; link-up with social security; access to health clinics, schools, and public aid; access and linkage to previously resettled Indochinese refugees. Each guest received $ 250 in cash upon arrival. In addition, each Nghia-Sinh receives $ 50 as a wedding gift and $ 50 for family funeral assistance. Over 70 percent of the refugees are now working.

On Thanksgiving each year, Nghia-Sinh is getting together to thank God for His blessing, to share life experience with one another, and to enjoy an Asian American dinner.

Beginning in 1987, Nghia-Sinh started to dropouts, drugs, gangs, and crimes through its prevention programs. Nghia-Sinh also offers cross-cultural workshops, individual counseling sessions, after-school programs, and martial arts classes, among other programs.

At the White House in April 1983, President Ronald Reagan Personally honored Sinh Nghia, and Its founder, Dr. Nguyen Trung Hieu, [1] with the Presidential Medal of Volunteer Community Service [2] for ict volunteer human care services.


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