OffreJoie ( English translation: “joy of giving”) is a politically and religiously independent Lebanese Non-Governmental humanitarian organization , founded in 1985 by lawyer Dr. Melhem Khalaf Emile Walid Arnaout Mohammad Hamadeh, Paul Nassar and Nadim Souhaid. Founded in the values ​​of love , respect , and forgiveness , their alleged mission to be “gathering the Lebanese family creating oasis dating for young people throughout Lebanon” by mobilizing around social projects promoting the unity of the Lebanese people.

Since 2012, it is also operating in Iraq on the same grounds. [1]


In 1982, Mohamad Hamade , Walid Arnaout , Paul Nassar, and Melhem Khalaf , four young volunteers of the Lebanese Red Cross hailing from different religious communities, assisted the wounded during the war. Horrified by what they saw, they wanted to act in favor of the children suffering from violence and misery of war. Nadim Souhaid joined them.


The NGO is currently presided by Melhem Khalaf.


Founded in the values ​​of love , respect , and forgiveness , their alleged mission is as follows:

  • Combat individualism by becoming aware of the need to live in a just and peaceful society
  • Give the other what they would receive
  • Connecting beyond his community of birth
  • Deciding to face the future together
  • Search-reciprocal esteem.
  • Develop social solidarity


This article was published in the March 6, 2013 issue of the National Order of the Cedar . It also received the Peace Prize of Lebanon in 2014 from the Ghazal Foundation and Foundation of France on March 28, 2014.


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