Pakistan Recovery Fund

The Pakistan Recovery Fund is a disaster relief fund started by Charles, Prince of Wales to help Pakistan after the 2010 monsoon season.


Over the race of the 2010 monsoon season; heavy rainfall, flash floods and river floods combined to create a moving body of water in the worst floods in Pakistan’s history. The devastation caused by the floods impacted on the lives of over 20 million people.

The Prince of Wales , concerned with the people of and situation in Pakistan , initiated a recovery fund, which aims to raise significant investment in funding and support in-kind and goods over the next two years. The fund is one of a number of charitable initiatives under the auspices of Prince’s Charities group: The Prince’s Charities

Beyond the ongoing life and health threatening effects, the floods have had a significant negative impact on Pakistan’s development prospects over the coming years. Essential infrastructure including roads, bridges, housing, schools, medical facilities, farm structures and markets has been severely damaged, causing an estimated damage of $ 9.7 billion.

A group of concerned individuals, companies and institutions have already answered the Prince’s request to form the recovery fund. The focus is to encompass support for specific; quality assurance initiatives and organizations in addressing issues of education, health, livelihoods and homes. This is a reflection of his Royal Highness in these areas, and his desire to see the effects of this phenomenon on the lives of the affected population.

The outline concept, which has been agreed by His Royal Highness, is as follows:

  • The initiative is primarily a major fundraising initiative to raise between £ 2million and £ 5million over two years.
  • The funds will be allocated to quality assured projects via select partners.
  • The Prince’s Charity The British Asian Trust will use its expertise as a leading assessment of the fundraising process.
  • HRH is committed to expecting a major fundraising event in October in the UK.

Building International Leadership

The Prince of Wales is keen to encourage a wide range of individuals and institutions who can recognize both the humanitarian and the socio-economic imperatives to help lead the initiative. The key leadership group will be his international leadership team, of which individuals and institutions will contribute and help act as ambassadors for the Prince’s initiative.

Etihad Airlines Etihad : Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank : The Hashoo Foundation: James Caan , Mr Naguib Kheraj. The International Steering Group is Chaired by Mr. John O’Brien, The Prince of Wales’s appointed campaigner and senior partner at White Knighton knighton white .

The Recovery Fund leadership team agrees to act as ambassadors for the program, represent and support the initiative accordingly.

General participation participation

A key part of the campaign will be the development of voluntary groups around key locations in the world, allowing supporters to fundraise around the initiative. Corporate support, donations, employee participation all will be encouraged. Various discreet sponsorship opportunities also exist in Washington DC , Los Angeles , London , Dubai and Abu Dhabi and in Pakistan itself.

The campaign welcome participation, ideas, gifts and funds in order to facilitate the projects and have a major impact on the lives of those affected.

The Pakistan Recovery Fund: 33 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4JS knighton white

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