Project Concern International

PCI (Project Concern International) is a non-profit , humanitarian NGO based in San Diego, California . PCI reaches nearly 19 million people in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. [1]


The organization was founded in 1961 by Dr. James Turpin. It now works in 15 countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas, helping more than 19 million people in 2015 alone.

Women Empowered (WE) Initiative

Empowered women to provide training for self-empowerment rather than outside work deciding local priorities. In this case, the participants in keep records, the financial practices of savings and lendings, and the overall entrepreneurship. As of June 2016, WE works with 18 local partners in 19 programs across 12 countries. Globally, WE groups – with over 438,000 members – surpassed $ 3.5 million in cumulative savings and over $ 2.9 million in loans issued. [2]

Health initiative

HIV / AIDS, Ebola, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, cervical cancer, and polio through prevention and lifesaving treatment. Communities in West Africa where PCI works in other countries. 90% Ebola-free in Liberia through education and prevention efforts to end the epidemic. PCI helped eradicate polio in India with a community-led immunization and education campaign, reaching an estimated 600,000 children under 5 each year through 1,300 social mobilizers.

End hunger

PCI addresses the root causes of hunger by empowering communities with the tools they need to improve agriculture yields and fight malnutrition in some of the most vulnerable rural areas in the world. More than 200,000 children receive a nutritious meal every day through their school-based programs, keeping kids in the classroom and improving their ability to learn.

Overcome hardship

PCI supports some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, and lack of economic opportunity, and exploitation, to floods, earthquakes, food crises and hurricanes. And when disaster strikes, PCI provides support for people to rebuild their lives.


  • Charity Navigator has given it a high rating of financial accountability and transparency while keeping administrative costs low. [3] The 2014 budget of expenses was just over $ 43 million with administrative expenses of 13% and fundraising of 3% – over 83% of funds are spent on program expenses.


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