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RADION International is a Christian relief and development organization that provides assistance to organizations and organizations in Asia. RADION International, headquartered in Chiang Mai , serves critically needy communities across northern Thailand. RADION International also has a field office in Phetchabun province which serves the largest concentration of hill-tribesmen in Thailand.

As of 2016, the organization’s chairperson is Mr Alvin Ong, and the Founder and CEO is Mr Eugene Wee.


2007 RADION International started a small organization, providing humanitarian aid to 8,900 Hmong Lao refugees , who had sought asylum in Thailand after the secret war .

2008: Alongside with the humanitarian assistance projects, RADION also started the SHOPHOUSE Project that provided low cost internet access to needy students. In the same year, RADION started the StreetKIDS program to provide assistance to children in need of assistance.

2009: RADION started an integrated farm to trial and showcase the feasibility of different farming technologies for farmers, helping them in areas of animal husbandry , agriculture , aquaculture and bio fuel development.

2010: The organization built on the success of the rural development program – a holistic program to address issues of poverty , domestic violence , substance abuse and lack of healthcare among rural communities.

2011: The STREETKIDS! saw a program 66% rehabilitation success rate for juvenile drug users on the program. A second shelter was set up in Chiangmai to accommodate the influx and education needs of the older children.

2012: The program started Streetkids recevoir more high-risk and abuse cases, prompting the management to set up a rescue arm to Provide Direct Assistance to Children Who Were at risk of being white Trafficked as well as victims of abuse.

2015: RADION’s Community Development Initiatives and Successful Collaboration with Local Leaders Brought Juvenile Substance Use Down from 25% to 11.9%. The effort was recognized by the Royal Thai Embassy and RADION Social Development Office to be awarded Outstanding Brands by BrandAlliance.

Donating Countries

RADION International donations from a number of countries, including Singapore , Thailand , Australia , United States of America and United Kingdom

Organizational Philosophy

The organization is founded on Christian values. RADION’s name originates from the combination of two words, “RADIATING” and “MISSION”. It strongly believes in reaching oppressed and needy groups through practical actions and to be a catalyst for change within these communities.

Long-Term Developmental Model

RADION targets communities that are marginalized to political, geographical or social constraints. The organization promotes and develops a four-prong approach, administering programs to children, young adults and the elderly. The organization is currently the only non-governmental organization serving the Hmong hill-tribe village of Khek Noi – the largest Hmong community in Thailand . [1]

Streetkids! Rehabilitation Shelter (STK)

An intervention and rehabilitation program for children from high-risk backgrounds (ie poverty, substance abuse, gangs, physical abuse / neglect). The program provides education, nutrition, healthcare, emotional support and character development for these children.

DEKThai Children’s Weekend Education

A preventive child’s weekend program, preventing underprivileged children from falling into vices of drugs and domestic violence. The program provides weekend tuition, livelihood skills training, health education and nutrition to village children.

Village Outreach Program (VO)

An elderly care program that provides nursing care, nutrition and emotional support to the poorest and most at-risk villagers in the community.

Community Development Program (CDP)

A two-pronged program with an advocacy arm to educate youth in an effort to break the vicious cycle of poverty, violence and drugs, and a social business that provides practical work-skill training and safe shelter for victims of domestic violence.

The SHOPHOUSE! and Integrated Farms are social enterprises created to help victims of domestic violence by providing jobs, work skills training and rehabilitation in a safe environment. The goal is to empower these womenfolk to one day achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Short-Term Humanitarian Relief

RADION provides direct assistance to all rural villages within 120 km radius of its integrated center in Phetchabun, Thailand in the event of natural calamities or disasters that occur in the area.

Humanitarian Relief / Recovery projects are targeted at timely channeling of life-saving support to underserved communities in the event of natural disasters or calamities.

These provide support to villagers with food, shelter, medical care and crisis support.

Disaster Recovery projects aiming to provide mid-term assistance to communities with the provision of livelihood options and economic recovery.

Past Projects

2007-2009 : Pioneered outreaches spanning 600 km across Thailand, providing 8900 Hmong-Lao refugees in 3 different areas with humanitarian aid.

at. Phetchabun Refugee Camp (8200 refugees)

b. Nong Khai Detention Center (158 refugees)

c. Refugee Settlement (450 refugees)

Each site had different needs, and a result, outreach operations varied in scale and intensity from basic MILK! Missions (children nutrition increase missions), FRUITS! Mission (family food increase mission) to first-aid training.

Jan 2009 : Disaster Relief & Medical Support

RADION International responded to the request for additional assistance in the course of 2009. RADION International provided medical assistance to 8 villages within 120 km radius from RADION’s field office in Phetchabun.

Nov 2013 – Jan 2014 : Disaster Relief For Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

The Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in Nov. 2013. The disaster response team spearheaded missions in Capiz Province, which had been devastated by the typhoon. The relief effort is currently still in progress with the help of volunteers.

Media References

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Partners & Supporters

RADION receives support from individuals and corporate partners, including:

  • Crocs , which donated several hundred pairs of footwear.
  • Singapore Technologies (Info-communications) , which helped to set up the satellite collection for relief items.
  • Lee Foundation , supported project cost for education projects
  • Welch Allyn , who donated medical equipment and essentials towards the projects
  • Silkair , which donated computers & laptops to community education projects
  • Starhub , which donated school bags & stationaries
  • The Pan Pacific Singapore , which contributed retail space to a collection for RADION donation drive in February 2009. [2]
  • Syngenta , which supported agricultural development projects
  • The Salvation Army Singapore, which contributed relief items.
  • FS Freight Systems Pte. Ltd.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn , which donated essential toiletries.
  • Woleco , contributed hygiene items.


  • Afiko Delivery , which is contributing S $ 1 out of every $ 50 of revenue to RADION. [3]
  • colinsphotograffi , which contributes 10% of profits & photography services to RADION’s marketing and communications materials.
  • NUS Medical Society , ongoing collaboration to provide medical care in impoverished communities. [4] [5]
  • INTASE , donates a percentage of profits to education and development projects

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