Sheikh Thani Foundation Ibn Abdullah for Humanitarian Services

The Sheikh Thani Ibn Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (مؤسسة الشيخ ثاني بن عبد الله للخدمات الإنسانية), abbreviated as RAF (راف) is a Qatari foundation established by the al-Thani family.

Qatari society without discrimination. [1] RAF is also involved in international projects with the same goal. [1]


The foundation was founded by Thani bin Abdullah. [2] Ayed bin Al Qahtani Dabsan is the current CEO. [3]


According to its website, RAF aspires to reach levels of excellence as a humanitarian foundation which participates in “establishing communities of mercy” in Qatar and throughout the world. [4]

The foundation aims to support those who are most in need, and pursues five main goals: [5]

  • Consolidating humanitarian compassion;
  • Achieving social solidarity;
  • Providing relief to injured parties;
  • Protecting human values;
  • Developing and supporting charitable projects.


RAF’s initiatives are primarily focused on “Training and Development” and “Humanitarian Aid.” [6] The RAF Center for Training and Civil Society Studies is a good example of the foundation’s synergy approach to both areas of action, in that it aims to provide specialized training in the field of humanitarian and charitable work. [7] In fact, the foundation attempts to identify the needs of organizations, charities and workers in the field of humanitarian work, and to develop ad hoc training programs in order to enhance their performance.

RAF also designs and implements specialized projects to develop the educational and professional capacities of targeted social groups and to support their entry into the labor market. [6]

The foundation organizes conferences, seminars and workshops on the subject of humanitarian work and the assessment of the impact of the experience of the world, and establishes partnerships with institutions and experts in the field. [6]

Moreover, RAF carries out extensive research in the field of humanitarian aid. [6] The foundation closely monitors the development of the Qatari society, prepares studies on contemporary phenomena and social problems, and contributes to the dissemination of humanitarian and socialism among civil society and integrated social network information and publications. [6]

Recent initiatives

RAF is especially active in the fields of education, health care and medical assistance, and supports international efforts to meet the basic needs of people throughout the world. [8]

The foundation is preparing to implement a food bank in Qatar that is expected to benefit 1,200 families on a monthly basis. [9]

RAF has funded 157 charitable projects in Sudan, and has initiated the implementation of complex services for several villages in Darfur within the framework of its Darfur development program. [10]

With RAF financial support, the “RAF International University” has been established in Kenya to provide services to young people and to support them in their productive and intellectual sectors. [11] RAF also opened the largest mosque in the city of Mannar , in northern Sri Lanka. [12] Another project in Sri Lanka, Executed in July 2012 Witnessed the establishment of a residential town with 200 houses at an estimated cost of QR 2.6 million. [13]

Moreover, the foundation is planning to build a school in Kyrgyzstan [14] and an educational complex in Mauritania. [15] RAF also carried out a work field study in Tunisia and submitted a plan to establish a package of projects that serve the country’s economic and social development. [16]

In August 2012, RAF embarked project was Which would Involve the expenditure of QR 27 million is medical infrastructure and housing in Zaatari refugee camp to Assist Refugees of the Syrian Civil War . [17] The Foundation also Raised $ 3.3 Million in February 2015 Syrian child refugees. [3]

The first phase of the Life Saving Initiative (SALI) was initiated in November 2015. This phase of the first phase of clinical practice in Sudan. [18]

RAF has also been active in founding projects of an Islamic nature. RAF has made its intention to print and distribute a million copies of the Quran to distribute throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. [19] RAF has already printed and distributed 505 thousand copies of the Quran to 9 countries in Africa and other countries. RAF also recently financed the construction of 30 mosques in Ghana and an Islamic school in Sudan. [20] [21]


RAF has also been active in locations controlled by groups. RAF has committed millions of dollars to multiple projects in Gaza , controlled by Hamas since 2007. [22] [23] [24] In addition, RAF has subsidized million dollar projects in Idlib , Syria since the governate fell into the hands of opposition forces . [25] [26] Ahrar al-Sham , the Army of Conquest , and al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra were all operating in Idlib during the time of RAF’s work.

In late 2014, the Telegraph reported that the al-Nusra fundraiser called Shafi al-Ajmi to RAF. Arifi also reportedly appeared at a RAF-sponsored Ramadan festival “honouring a number of hardliners and extremists”. [27]


According to RAF has established 140 training programs involving 1836 trainees and organized two conferences and international meetings. [28]

RAF acknowledges 150 institutions among its beneficiaries, including its partners, senior leadership institutions, charitable and humanitarian organizations and volunteers. [28]


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