The AfriPop Project

The AfriPop Project, is a non-profit project funded by the Philippe Wiener Foundation – Maurice Anspach, Belgium. AfriPop represents a collaboration between the University of Florida , United States, the University of Brussels , Belgium and the Malaria Public Health & Epidemiology Group, Center for Geographic Medicine, Kenya .

High resolution, contemporary data on human population are a prerequisite for the accurate measurement of the impacts of population growth, for monitoring changes and for planning interventions. The AfriPop project was initiated in July 2009 with an aim of producing detailed and freely-available population distribution maps for the whole of sub-Saharan Africa .

The AfriPop team has assembled a unique spatial database of linked information on contemporary census data across Africa, satellite-imagery-derived maps and land cover information. Novel approaches to extracting detailed data from the world of satellite imagery [1] have been combined with a detailed survey of the data and densities across sub-Saharan Africa at unprecedented levels of detail. [2] [3] The resulting maps are available from the project website.

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